#NewRealisticResolutions - Start your year more realistic with Alpro

Clients Voice

Objective / Challenge:

New Year's resolutions fade for 80% of people within the first 3 weeks of the year. Based on this insight, Alpro made a bold and meaningful decision in the marketing mix and launched the #NewRealisticResolutions campaign. The aim of this campaign was to find resolutions that can be realistically implemented together with Alpro and will become a new way of life.


We placed 10 influencers and a nutrition coach in the 'Alpro House' in the black forest for 3 days, extending the activation over a 10-week period online. Our consumer insights, drawn from social media analysis, served as the cornerstone for the entire campaign.


The activation concept was so well received by the creators that it generated an additional 8 million views and impressions through unpaid content during the campaign. Highly authentic content was produced and shared for Alpro that engaged the community emotionally and attracted a lot of attention, including a feature in Horizont Magazine. The campaign also led to close collaborations between creators and the coach, as well as between Alpro and the creators.

  • Creators: 9
  • Impressions & Views: >21.6M
  • Engagements: >442K
  • On Top Content: 184%

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