7-figure Revenues through Social Media Data

gocomo has helped me and Douglas to move away from gut-feeling towards a data-driven strategy. The Consumer Analysis resulted in Douglas tapping into a new customer segment by activating influencers, who generated 7-figure revenues within 48h. We have on partner for analysis, strategy and execution which makes it truly efficient and effective.

Clients Voice


Level up the social media and influencer marketing activities of Douglas to prove that social media is not just an awareness tool that causes costs, but can generate significant revenues for the organization.


gocomo provided a 360-degree Social Analytics Bundle consisting of Social Landscape Analyses, Consumer Insights Analyses, a Global Strategy Development and Consulting.

Social Landscape Analysis:

To understand how both competitors, but also influencers are currently connecting with their audiences - what are they posting, how much are they posting, with whom and how are they collaborating and who are they actually reaching (what is the overlap of the ecosystem)

  • Scope: 5 markets with 10-20 accounts per market
  • Analysis timeframe: 1 year developments
  • Social platforms: Instagram & TikTok
  • Focus Areas: Strategy, content, influencer marketing and distribution

Consumer Insights Analysis

Deep dive into the social media behavior of female Douglas followers between 18-35 to understand who they are following and engaging with on social media.

  • Scope: 5 markets with up to 10k consumers per country
  • Social Platforms: Instagram

Global Social Media Strategy

Development of a blueprint strategy, allowing all local markets to have overall guidelines, ensuring a consistent look&feel, knowledge sharing and inspiration.


gocomo is a day2day partner and we consider ourselves being a part of the Douglas social media team.


  • gocomo's Social Analytics Bundle allowed Douglas to truly understand their social media audience and that there is a hidden white spot with a great opportunity. By tapping into this hidden white spot, Douglas' first influencer activation generated a 7-figure revenue (20% of the total E-Com revenue in this time period) within 48h and build the path towards more performance-driven influencer collaborations. Additionally, this white spot did not just prove to be a revenue driver, but also brought on 11% new customers and put social media far up on the agenda of top-management.
  • Development of a global social media strategy and business plan for top management, positioning social media as a top focus area for the future and growth of Douglas.