Commercial DD - Acquisition of a Social Media First Brand

“We used COMOs unique advanced social analytics approach during the DD for the evaluation process and post acquisition for operational optimization. The industry expertise within COMO's team and the fast turnaround in results contributed significantly to the successful workstream”

Clients Voice


Analyse and understand the performance of ESN and More Nutrition compared to their direct competitors and the overall ecosystem. The aim was to understand both quantitative and qualitative performances in brand strategy, content strategy, influencer marketing and community loyalty, as well as identify potential risks and challenges. Additionally, the client wanted to have predictions on the future development of the brands and if, and how, they could be scaled up post-acquisition.


We used our proprietary technology to analyze the social media presence of both brands across all relevant platforms, benchmarking them to their most important competitors. Through this analysis, we were able to answer the most important strategic questions with data-driven insights.

  • Scope: 6 leading nutrition and fitness companies
  • Analysis Timeframe: Jan, 2019 – Mar, 2022
  • Social Platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Youtube & Facebook
  • Focus Areas: Brand, content, influencer marketing & community


gocomo provided an extensive data dashboard and analysis presentation, laying out the status quo of the target companies and predicting future developments. Additionally, gocomo consulted CVC and their partner consultancies throughout the process across all social media and influencer marketing topics.