M&M's Pride Activation

Clients Voice


The aim was to activate influencers who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community and experienced creators accustomed to public debates. The project primarily focused on achieving awareness and consideration goals, with an additional emphasis on engagement. To evaluate these aspects we measured the following KPIs: Reach, impressions, engagement rate and sentiment.


Activation of 15 diverse influencers from various fields like social activism, travel, food, entertainment, arts, family, and sports. They represented a wide range of sexualities, religious beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds. The campaign aimed to position M&M’S as a pride partner and provide a platform for LGBTQIA+ voices, fostering inclusivity and supporting marginalized communities in our society by giving a platform and creating visibility and mutual understanding through authentic content via “How to get ready for Pride” content.


The campaign achieved impressive results with 100m TikTok views, 1M Instagram impressions and >700K YouTube views. It demonstrated our ability to drive engagement and create a platform for queer creators and allies with their communities to share their experiences. M&M’S received substantial positive mentions in the comments, leading to a credible and authentic influencer marketing activation and connecting many in engaged commenting and community on TikTok.

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