Ein Griff ins Klo - WC Frisch owns Social

Clients Voice

Objective / Challenge:

The main goal of the campaign was to break away from traditional advertising to reconnect with previous customers and engage a younger audience on TikTok &Instagram by presenting WC Frisch in a humorous and unexpected way. The challenge was to make the content fresh, humorous and unconventional to capture the attention of younger people.


The strategy focused on empowering influencers to integrate WC Frisch into their content authentically and creatively, while following current Social Media trends to maintain authenticity. The focus was on humor and creativity to engage both the target audience and TikTok/Instagram users.


The campaign achieved remarkable results, reaching >8M views on Tiktok & IG. Beyond entertainment, it encouraged viewers to perceive WC Frisch as a means to simplify their daily lives. Positive feedback flowed in, with viewers describing the Videos as "better than Netflix."  The campaign successfully turned WC Frisch into a quirky everyday-hero while delivering its message humorous.

  • Creators: 7
  • Impressions & Views: >7.1M

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